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Greetings from Houston! ... and Welcome to our online store!

About Us

Free Consultation! - Email your query to or post in the appropriate message forum on either or Free consultations will be answered publicly.

Fee-based consultations, analysis and research are billed at $55 per hour. You will NOT be billed until results can be provided based on a mutually defined scope of work.

"Lost" Family Members Contacted! - Looking for a "lost" cousin, uncle, aunt, or other family member? If they reside in Texas, locates can usually be made quickly. However, all locates are subject to personal verification, meaning you must cite your relationship to the "missing" family member and the "missing" member will be notified of your purpose for contacting him or her. Typically, fees for locating a person will range from one to two hours.

Obituaries from Newspapers - As a secondary source, obituaries are a wonderful source for information on next of kin and a cameo highlight of the deceased. Not all obituaries are published, however, so a search for only one obituary is not cost effective. Batched along with other requests, obituary searches will typically cost $15. Before ordering, check out RootsWeb's Obituary Project.

Gravesites Verified, with photo! - Where is that person really buried? Gravesites can be verified and photos taken of the subject tombstone and of those buried around the subject. Before ordering, check out RootsWeb's Tombstone Project.

Probate Documents - Don't overlook a search at the Courthouse for probate documents. For smaller estates, a probate may not have been filed. But, if found, the associated documents are a wealth of information for locating descendents.

Land Records & Title - What happened to that house or property? A title search can provide this information, whether purchased, sold, inherited, or devised.


M W Douglass
POB 27268
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Phone   713-871-0061
Fax   281-596-4513
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Company History

Melvyn Douglass was born in Springfield (Hampden County) MA. He moved to Houston TX in Oct 1968 and was assigned to the Crew Systems Division at NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC). With the systems engineering group, he supported Apollo missions 7 through 15.

Predecessor to American Peerage, Douglass formed Telico (Technical Library Consultants) in 1973 which was a pioneer in the fee-based information service industry.

Through American Peerage, M W Douglass is undertaking several research projects which include "Genealogies of Southern Governors." Publication date is anticipated for Summer 2007.

M W Douglass is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), a nonprofit, educational corporation, formed to promote standards and ethics in the genealogical field.

M W Douglass is a member of The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA), formed to provide continuing education and professional certification programs for paralegals. Douglass successfully completed the CLA national exam and was awarded the Certified Legal Assistant credential.

M W Douglass is a member of the International Right of Way Association (IRWA).

M W Douglass teaches a Scottish Genealogy Workshop each May at the annual Houston Highland Games & Festival in Houston.

M W Douglass is Founding Director (1985) of Scottish Clan Council of Houston

 M W Douglass was elected (Nov 2002) a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (FSA Scot)

 M W Douglass was appointed (Dec 2005) by Houston Mayor Bill White to serve as a standing member for a four-year term (Jan 2006 thru Dec 2009) on the Mayor's International Affairs and Development Council / Europe (MIADC / Europe)The mission of the MIADC/ Europe is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and continued growth of Houston's standing as a renowned international city.

 M W Douglass was appointed (June 2006) Waitstill Munson Clan/Family Historian for the Thomas Munson Foundation

 M W Douglass was appointed (June 2006) Genealogy Coordinator for Clan Douglas Society of North America


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